Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ian Fleming: From Russia, With Love (various designs, 2009 - 2013) NSFW

For this cover I first used a detail from the Orient Express livery, but no one could decipher what it was supposed to be. So I re-made the cover using Kerim's rifle from the story. Again, nobody recognised it. Finally, I decided to use a shot of the Enigma decoding machine (doubling up as the Spektor). There are two Spektor versions here, as well as the two originals.

 I really liked this Hammer & Sickle motif, so I ended up using it quite a few times on various designs.

A pretty poor quality "film tie-in" design. The lettering was done on ArcSoft Media Impression which is why it's all wonky.

Part of the Swedish Nude series which is all bottoms.

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